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Class Schedule

Group Classes

Please bring water, towel, and exercise mat to class.

ACTIVE OLDER ADULT — This low impact fitness program combines a cardiovascular component, light strength training, core training and stretching in a friendly social atmosphere.

CARDIO JAM — this class is "JAM" packed with lots of fun & sweat! "JAM" to the latest beats and get the ultimate cardio workout! Round out the hour with strong Ab work and stretching! What a way to start the New Year!!

CARDIO MIX — Step, cardio kick, and/or aerobics makes this class a great way to start your day! Hand weights & abdominal work completes this class. May use Reebok deck or Core Boards.

CORE CARDIO — This class blends both step and core strengthening, resulting in an all-over workout! Reebok Deck, Core Boards and weights may be used.

DRILLS & SKILLS — Using hand weights to improve your muscle endurance! This class will offer cardio and weight training to turn your body into an athlete! Get ready, get set, GO!!

KICK INTERVAL — Punches, kicks, and weights make this class an hour full of excitement! Total body workout!!

POWER HOUR — Cardio drills, step, and weights will make this hour full of POWER! Increases your muscle endurance! This class may go outside.

REP REEBOK — A strength and endurance training class. Designed to get you maximum results in the shortest amount of time by working your entire body in one hour. Uses hand weights and straight bar. Bring towel and water.

STEP — Cardio fitness that shapes and tones the legs, improves coordination, bone density, posture and agility. A great cross training option to add variety to your workout. May use hand weights at end of class.

STEP POWER — Totally cardio! Using the Reebok Deck or Core Boards, this class will improve your muscle and cardio endurance while strengthening your total body. Traditional step moves with some cardio drills! Get ready!!

THE BOTTOM LINE — A cardio class that will improve your “bottom line” working your glutes, legs, and core. Increase your cardio endurance and strength while toning your lower body.

TRIPLE THREAT — Weights, kick, and step are the 3 key ingredients needed to give you the workout you’ve been waiting for all day! This class will get you moving like no other! Don’t be afraid of the name, embrace it!

ZUMBA MIX — This new fitness program, inspired by Latin rhythms, combines high energy easy-to-follow dance moves mixed in with step, and cardio kick. MOVE FAST and HAVE FUN = Zumba!

Spinning Studio

Heart rate monitor recommended.

SPINNING — 45 minutes is all you need. Burn up to 600 in a single ride. It provides lightning quick improvement in endurance as well as a fast boost of lower body strength. Bring a water bottle to this class.

CYCLE 60 — Full hour of SPINNING. Bring your water bottle to this class!

SPIN 'n TONE — 30 minutes of SPINNING and 30 minutes of weights. Great full body workout!

Mind & Body Studio

Please bring your own exercise mat to class.

YOGA — Change the way you feel about your body forever. Traditional yoga poses that incorporate your mind and body working together. Suitable for men and women, at all fitness levels.

PILATES — A series of mat based exercises that are based on the classic methodology of Joseph Pilates. The class focuses on increasing strength and awareness of the core, incorporating stability, flexibility and balance. Suitable for all.

YOGA FIT — blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. Suitable for all

** All classes are intermediate level. If you are new, please see the instructor before class so they can show you modifications. All levels welcome in all classes!